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Keep out the cold with autumn essentials

Have you ever noticed how summer seems to disappear overnight? No gentle transition of the season or winding down of the hot weather, it feels as though you go to bed on August 31 st appreciating at least the last dregs of summer, then when you wake up on September 1 st there’s a chill in the air and you’re wishing you had an extra blanket. It’ll be winter before you know it. So instead of letting the coldest time of the year creep up on you, prepare for it with some new and warmer workwear.

One of the many good things about embroidery is the sheer number of fabrics that it is suitable for whilst still producing a high quality result. Your logo stitched onto a thick fabric such as fleece or a heavy winter coat will look just as good as on a thinner cotton, it is also unlikely any changes to the design or size will need to be made. The range of warmer garments we offer mean matching a shade or finding the perfect style shouldn’t be a problem either.

If you work outside a lot then choosing to invest in warmer workwear should be an easy decision to make. There’s not much point in only purchasing custom polo’s or t-shirts if they’re going to be covered up for half the year, as all the benefits from wearing branded workwear, not to mention the money you spent, will be wasted. Even if your job only requires you or your staff to work outdoors occasionally, warm items are still a worthwhile purchase as they add to your professional appearance. It is likely they will need replacing less often than everyday garments too, so in the long run will work out excellent value for money.

At Sarah’s Embroidery we offer a wide range of custom outerwear garments that are perfect for keeping out the chill while still looking professional and displaying you company logo, so whether you’re looking for a comfy fleece or a smart and practical jacket our online catalogue will have the perfect fit for you.